Exciting updates in the world of Android development! Now In Android Feb 2024.

Exciting updates in the world of Android development! Now In Android Feb 2024.

Updates on Jetpack Compose, Google AI integration on Samsung Galaxy, Play recovery tools introduction, Jetpack library releases, and test library updates were provided.

Stay tuned for the latest in app development and tech innovations!

  1. Jetpack Compose Update (January '24 Bill of Materials):

    • Version 1.6 of Compose libraries released.

    • Focus on performance improvement with up to 20% improvement in scroll performance and up to 12% improvement in startup time.

    • Introduction of experimental mode called Strong Skipping Mode.

    • New features include non-linear font scaling, drag and drop, support for local scope in LazyList, and more.

  2. Google AI on Samsung Galaxy:

    • Samsung Galaxy S24 series to utilize Gemini, Google's foundational models, for AI capabilities.
  3. Play Recovery Tools:

    • New tool prompts users to update to the latest version of an app.

    • Developers can prompt users to update specific versions of their app upon restarting.

  4. Jetpack Library Releases:

    • Released first alpha version of Compose 1.7 with further performance improvements and experimental BasicTextField2.

    • Fragment version 1.7.0-alpha09 introduced, helpful for transitioning apps from Fragment-based to Compose-based architecture.

    • Collection 1.4 adds new high-efficiency collections for sorting primitive data types without boxing.

  5. Test Library Updates:

    • Test core version 1.6.0-alpha05 and nine other test libraries updated.

    • Minimum API requirement bumped to Android KitKat 4.4 (API 19) due to Google Play services no longer supporting lower versions since August 2023.