What and Why Kotlin ??

What and Why Kotlin ??


What is kotlin

Kotlin is language created by JetBrains5, an organization known for building the IntelliJ Thought, an incredible IDE for Java advancement. Android Studio, the official Android IDE, depends on IntelliJ. It was at first executed to run on the Java Virtual Machine. JetBrains planned Kotlin in light of Java engineers, and with IntelliJ as its essential improvement IDE. These two components are limits that made Android engineers rapidly receive the language

• Kotlin is very intuitive and easy to learn for Java developers. Most parts of the language are very similar to what we already know, and the differences can be mastered in no time.

• We have total integration with our daily IDE for free. Android Studio can understand, compile and run Kotlin code. Moreover, the support for this language comes from the company who develops the IDE, so we Android developers are first-class citizens.

Why kotlin ??

It is more expressive : this is one of its primary concerns. You can compose more with substantially less code.

It is safer : Kotlin is invalid safe, which implies that we manage conceivable invalid circumstances at order time, to forestall execution time exemptions. We need to determine that an article can be invalid unequivocally, and afterward check its nullity previously utilizing it. You can spare a lot of time investigating invalid pointer exemptions and fixing nullity bugs.

It is functional : Kotlin is essentially an article arranged language, not a unadulterated utilitarian language. In any case, in the same way as other current dialects, it employments numerous ideas from utilitarian programming, for example, lambda articulations, to take care of certain issues all the more normally. Another decent component is the manner in which it bargains with assortments.

It utilizes expansion works: This implies we can expand any class with new highlights regardless of whether we don't approach the source code.

It is profoundly interoperable : You can keep utilizing most libraries and code written in Java on the grounds that the interoperability between the two dialects is superb. It is even conceivable to make blended tasks, with both Kotlin and Java records coinciding